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What we’re trying to create for you is an integrated wine-education and video platform. The ultimate reality show based on wine, shot in Italy by three friends passionate about wine. No sponsored interests getting in the way. Just us.

We can’t do this without you so any amount you are willing to offer for whatever amount of time you feel comfortable, we are grateful.

How does a Patreon donation work?

We accept monthly donations through Patreon, a San Francisco based crowd-funding site. Lauren was especially interested in Patreon because she grew up in the Bay Area and has been following Patreon-creators for years.

What if I want to cancel my donation?

You can cancel anytime! You will still get access to the newsletter and the videos. Do what you are comfortable with.

What do I get if I become a Patreon Supporter?

We want to say thank you to anyone who helps us out on Patreon! Here’s what we offer to those who support us:

  • all our blog posts and videos that are sent to subscribers
  • additional video content: recipe videos, behind the scenes restaurant cooking videos, exclusive posts
  • discounts on wine tours in Tuscany
  • first-to-know about virtual wine tastings events

How much do I pay?

That’s up to you! We have a few options of €3-€5 a month for those who just want to help us achieve our goal of continuing to provide the free newsletter and videos.

If you choose the higher level subscriptions of €10, €15, €20 or higher, you also are eligible for more perks!

What goes into these videos?

  • It starts with talking to winemakers and locals to see if we like what they do. Trying the wine and talking to the people who make it to see if they share our philosophy.
  • Then there’s a lot of driving. And gas prices in Italy ain’t cheap.
  • Then we edit the videos which takes roughly 8 million hours each.
  • If the winemaker speaks Italian, we offer subtitles in English. Actually we prefer if they speak Italian because then they can express themselves better.

Do you have a sponsor?

No! We are completely unsponsored and self funded. And that’s how we want to stay. The big wineries are where the money is but that’s just not what we’re interested in for this project. That’s why we are hoping to gain support from people like you who appreciate what we’re working on and the values we want to highlight and protect.