If you have the password from our newsletter, click the button below to watch our videos on Vimeo.

What are in your videos?

The best way to show a place is with a video! In addition to the weekly newsletter, we interview winemakers directly in their vineyards and cellars, talking about their wine and their philosophy and way of life.

If they are in Italian we provide subtitles in English.

We also have tasting videos between the three of us about their wines.

Can I watch videos without signing up?

We are always updating our social media pages, Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook and you can follow us there for free. These social networks are like our blog pages so you can get little tastes of what is in our weekly newsletter.

Want to see longer videos on location with the winemakers?

While we post short videos on our social media accounts, you have to be subscribed to the newsletter to get the password to watch our longer videos on Vimeo.

Why are your videos password protected?

We wanted to put all these videos on YouTube for anyone to see but we have to tell you something… the winemakers were adamant that these videos NOT be seen by just anyone. When we asked why (“but the more people see you, the better!”) they explained that neighbouring wineries would become jealous and could create problems for them. So… that’s why there is a password… and a possible future post on winery in-fighting!

Support us!

Making these videos is incredibly time consuming! Why do we have all this time? We are tour guides who work primarily with Americans which means in the last year and a half our business dropped to nearly zero. If you like what we do and want to help us continue, you could consider making a monthly donation as low as €3 a month to help us continue this project. If you’re not into that idea, no problem, you still have access to everything.