The Uncork Italy Newsletter

What’s our newsletter about? Meeting the people, learning about the place, and telling the story of Italy’s wines.

Ciao a tutti! We are Luca, Lauren & Luca: one Californian and two Tuscans who are passionate about Italian wine. We are three tour guides with varying sommelier certifications between us and what we heard from our guests over and over again was this: “I’m interested in Italian wine but… where do I even begin?”

With well over 350 grape varieties and 20 different wine regions in Italy it can be hard to know where to start… and what you take home from your local wine shop is often… well… not life changing, let’s put it that way.

So we’ve gotten together to talk about Italian wine, its history, its background, how best to enjoy it and to introduce you to our favourite small producers and put you in touch directly with Italian wine makers.

Wine, in its essence isn’t only about winning points and awards (though it can be). In every glass of wine there’s a story – the story of the wine makers, of the soil, of how the earth formed in that particular spot on the planet. Through wine you learn local history and above all the personal stories of the winemakers themselves that have dedicated their lives to growing something particular, something unique, something that speaks to that place, that time, even that person that planted the vines and developed them. It’s the combination of man and vine and earth in harmony that produces great wine. Coming together to share wine, to create amicizia or friendships, that’s the best gift and it’s something we can continue to share even from a distance.

So with that said, we’re creating a FREE newsletter to start telling the stories and history of the Italian wine we love.

The Newsletter

Learn about wine

We’re starting with Tuscany, exploring the wines of Chianti Classico and Chianti, the Super Tuscans of Bolgheri and the vineyards of Montalcino and Montepulciano. Then we’ll be exploring the historic vineyards of Carmignano and lesser known places like the Tuscan archipelago, the Maremma and more. And that’s just Tuscany. Next we’ll be covering more Northern and Southern Italian wines.

In each weekly newsletter you’ll receive a mix of the following:

  • News on the seasonal evolution of the vines
  • Historical facts (don’t worry, fun ones) about the grapes
  • Wine making practices
  • Tasting notes
  • Wine terminology in English (and Italian!)


Meet the Winemakers

Wine has always been present in daily life in Italy but the Italian wines sold abroad are not usually the same wines you can find directly in the country. Even in Italy, it’s always been easier to find the wines of your local region than those farther afield. In our newsletter and videos we will feature local winemakers from the region, their knowledge and their stories.

Get in touch directly with winemakers & support local

We’re giving our subscribers an easy way to get in touch with our featured winemakers to buy wine directly from them. You’ll see the wines a winemakers has on offer accompanied by our descriptions and once you fill out the form, it puts you in contact with the wine maker to complete your order.

Receive Discounts

By using our form to get in touch with the wine makers in our newsletter you’ll also receive a discount that they’ve been generous enough to give the members of Uncork Italy.

Follow the Winemaking process through the seasons

Don’t wait to sign up!

We’ve been working nonstop to get this ready as soon as possible so we can go through the whole process of winemaking with you. We’ll take your from April and May when the first leaves are starting to come out on the vines, through caring for the vines during the summer, learning about organic and biodynamic wine making innovations as we go. In Autumn we’ll show you the harvest and next winter we’ll turn to the cellars.

Videos in Italy

We couldn’t start this project without some videos to show you Italy, the winemakers and the three of us learning about wine. Join us on YouTube or just wait for the newsletter where we’ll include links to new videos as they come out.

Discounts on Wine Tours in Italy

We know not everyone can come to Italy right now but when you can we’ll be here, ready to pick up where we left off in our jobs as local tour guides. So if you’d like to support us with a small monthly donation, we’d like to thank you by offering discounts on our Tuscany wine tours when you come to Italy.