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Uncork Italy puts you directly in touch with the people making the good stuff. Buy direct and support local, Italian winemakers.

Our producers

Click any of the following links below to see what wines we offer from the following producers we’ve been featuring in our newsletter.

Buy Fietri: Chianti Classico Gaiole in Chianti

Buy Solatione: Chianti Classico San Casciano val di Pesa

Buy Tregole: Chianti Classico Castellina in Chianti

Buy Imperiale: Bolgheri Super Tuscans

Buy Collosorbo: Montalcino

Uncork Italy deals and offers

Buy direct and support local Italian wine makers with a focus on eco sustainability. By buying through our platform, you are eligible for exclusive Uncork Italy discounts and combined special packages that are not available anywhere else.

How it works

We don’t sell wine, we’re not distributors of wine but as we explore the wines of Italy and meet incredible small producers, we want to give you access to buy from the wine maker directly.

By clicking the buttons above you have access to our easy to use form that goes straight to us to check over before we forward it to the winemakers themselves to finish up your sale. She’ll receive your email, make sure that everything is clear and ready to be sent to the wine maker and then she’ll put you and the winemaker directly in touch to finish up your sale.

Why not go directly to the wine maker?

  • You can! If you want to go directly to their site and buy wines from them. Go for it. We don’t believe in limiting people’s options. We believe in facilitating communication so everyone wins
  • If you order through us you can get discounts or access to special “Uncork Italy selection” packages that we’ve worked out with the winemaker directly.
  • You know you’ll be in touch with us first so you won’t have any language barriers, you can ask questions, you can even customise your order.

How many winemakers do you work with?

We are featuring a handful of growers in the area of Chianti Classico. But we are growing. Our next stops? The rest of Tuscany: the Super Tuscans of Bolgheri, Montepulciano & Montalcino, historic wines from Carmignano, Chianti that isn’t Classico, etc. And that’s one wine region. There’s 19 more to go!

Again, our mission is not to sell a bunch of wine. Our mission is to bring you on our journey as we learn about Italian wine directly from those who make it and in the meantime, you can buy the same wines we’re drinking.

How can I learn more about the story behind each wine?

It’s not just a bottle of wine that makes it special (that’s just the start). It’s the story behind the wines that make them special. Sign up for our free newsletter and you’ll get access to information about Italian wine, profiles on the winemakers we love and videos of our interviews with the winemakers themselves.

Why buy direct and not in the store?

Why would you bother with shipping fees when you can just buy Italian wine direct in your local wine shop or supermarket? Wine distributors buy from wineries that can produce enough to satisfy a large international market which means they rarely get around to making deals with small, family run wineries. In fact, much of the Italian wine you find in a store in the US is grown FOR the US market. Yes, it’s Italian wine. But it might not even be sold in Italy or to Italian people.

Buy direct, save on import fees

In any bottle of wine on the shelf in your local store you are paying the price of the wine, the price of the exporter, the price of the importer AND the price of the shipping. When you buy direct, you’re money goes straight to the winemaker.

The story behind the wine

What we believe in is the quality of Italian products and the story of the territory and the people who produce the wine. In every glass is a story and that’s what our aim is at Uncork Italy. We tell you the story in our newsletters and give you the chance to buy the wine we’re passionate about.

Cin cin!