Uncork Italy 10: Tasting Tregole

Uncork Italy 10: Tasting Tregole

This week…

We’re taking a break from Sangiovese for Luca & Luca to try Tregole’s IGT Merlot along with a rooftop BBQ of two different meats: “Manzetta Prussiana” and a Tuscan Chianina. Click the link below to join us!

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Tregole Wines

Wine Word of the Week

A ferragosto si fa una braciata con Tregole!
On Ferragosto let’s have a BBQ with Tregole!

Coming Next…

Well folks, that’s it for Chianti Classico! Our next stop will be Bolgheri and a young new winemaker on the scene whose competing with some of the famed winemakers who made “Super Tuscan” an internationally famous wine label.

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